Posted by: andrew1877 | April 24, 2012

SAF Seaview Resort

Spend our fun and enjoyable weekend at SAF Seaview Resort..



  1. Hi! Can i know how you make booking for seaview resort? Must it be regulars to book this place?

    • Yeah.. Get regulars to book for you…

      • Where to book from? Through admin?

  2. Regulars can book thru their intranet.. Call your regular friends & they will know what to do…

  3. Hello , my friends are regulars NS . But he Donno where to book , do u have direct line number ? I want to know more detail .

    Thanks !

    • Hi, I don’t have… Your regular friends should be able to book thru their NS intranet….

  4. My daughter 1st birthday is coming soon… I will like to book for the chalet.. May I know navy regular can book ma? Can I know if they book for us, do they need to check in for us o they can jus need to give me authorization letter den I can check in on their behalf?

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